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Sometimes I write posts in my head

First off, have a gif! I've been giggling endlessly at it. I keep coming back to its window and laughing more.

On a more serious note, throughout the day I've written multiple angry LJ posts in my head about the whole Don't Ask, Don't Tell thing. Very angry, verbose things, full of questions about how someone could reject anyone willing to risk their lives to defend them, and the utter lack of logic from the right wing. I actually heard this "reasoning" (term used loosely) on the radio today:

Some military commander, "If we let gays serve openly, it might make some soldiers uncomfortable. Some have religious or moral beliefs that make them uncomfortable around gay people."

Well know what? How about dealing with that hatred instead of-- Okay, yeah, I was intending not to actually write this post! I was going to say that writing it in my head was enough. Ha! Apparently it's not!

Not going to write it, not going to write it, not going to write it.

Glee is on tonight, glee! And I LOVE The Walking Dead. Gah, the emotions in that show! And I don't just mean my constant "Oh my god, watch out, there's one behind that tree!", "Oh my god, watch out, don't touch that!", "Oh my god, watch out, there's one RIGHT BEHIND YOU!" No show has ever made me so jumpy! (Ha, I totally typoed that as humpy! ZOMBIE FETISH TIME!)
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