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I'm a dirty old person, and tales from the litterbox.

I know all of you out there are just hanging on the next installment of news of my cat's litterbox issues, so let's get that out of the way first!

There's a new twist tonight: Not only is she back to peeing outside of the box (been doing it 2-3 days now, so the fix only worked for a couple days), now she exits the box over the high side so she doesn't have to go out the low front (where the wet weewee pad is). So... the whole point of having a handicap box is out the window if she's going to exit out the high side. (Not sure how often she does that, I don't usually see her using her box.)

So do I want to go back to a normal litterbox for her? (Which means having to buy a new one, I threw out the old one thinking we'd never need it again.) If I do, I'd like to have a ramp up to the opening for her, but I have no idea how I'd make one. (I have no access to tools, and even if I did I'd likely just end up cutting off a finger.) I'm going to google and if I can find instructions to make or buy a ramp, I think we'll go back to a normal box. And hope she doesn't pee out of that, too.


A while back laurelwood reminded me that Wing Stop existed, so I went there for dinner tonight. (Ironically I didn't even get fries, which was the reason she reminded me of the place!). The wings take 15 minutes to cook, which would usually have me twitching, watching my watch, and tapping my foot. Today I did none of that.

Sitting right in front of me was the cutest, most unexpected couple. Seniors in high school I'd guess. One looked like a football player (he was big-ish, longish blond hair), the other was this skinny, cute as heck, goth boy. Big black heavy boots, black pants, tight black t-shirt, black suspenders hanging down, wild black hair, lots of piercings, black nail polish, and a black leather collar. Since the TV on the wall was behind them, I could easily watch them without seeming to.

They were SO CUTE. They kept touching each other and ruffling each other's hair, and scrubbing at each other's face with napkins. The goth boy was also really hot, in that 'man, you are just way too young for me to be thinking that about you' sort of way. (Goths aren't usually my thing, but his whole look worked. And the collar? Looked perfect on him.)

They finished their meal before my order was ready, so I got to watch them walk out together. The football player wore a hat with plush reindeer antlers. I nearly died of the cute.
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