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DIY Litterbox, part one: "That's not a knife!"

At lunchtime I headed off to Target to get the first part: The box.

Why'd you stick me in this box?

Plenty big for her to turn around (she's stiff, needs lots of room). Luckily the plastic is pretty thin, so I figured it'd be easy to cut the opening...

I marked the box where I wanted the opening.

I decided I could leave the top bit on it, she wouldn't hit her head on it and it would make it somewhat more stable. Plus, it was thicker plastic up there, so would be harder to cut.

I heated up the "hot knife" (a metal wire with a hot tip) and set to work. A half hour later I had gotten this much cut:

(Scissors and exacto knife also used to make that hole, while the hot knife was reheating.)

The hot knife I had bought was only for foam. I had hoped it would work anyway, but nope. I could head out to crafting and hobby stores tomorrow and hope to find a heavier one, but I hate shopping and I might get there and they wouldn't even have a better one, so I went to Amazon and ordered a heavy duty one listed as being able to cut plastic. It will arrive Saturday, so I will continue this process then!

Total cost so far:
$18 for the box
$20 for the first cutting tool
$30 for the second ($25 $5 for "overnight" (Saturday) shipping)
Brain cells lost to the smell of burnt plastic? Priceless.
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