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Dinner, Contacts, MUSH answers

1) Dinner last night was eh. Apparently short ribs are mega-greasy. The meat was nice and fork-tender, but everything was too greasy. Not buying those again. Didn't start anything in the crock pot this morning. Will start again with this cooking stuff on Monday.

2) I've been getting hit by allergies worse and worse each year, and this year is god awful. I can't wear my contacts for more than an hour or two without flooding my eyes with eye drops. So ever so smart me decided to put some eye drops in while stopped at a red light this morning... What a time for a first time: The eye drops knocked my contact out. I'm seriously blind without them (can't see my hand when held at arm's length), so this was a problem. Got myself pulled over and put the darned thing back in my eye.

Not the best start ever to my morning.

3) Since all the cool kids are doing it, I finally gave in and took the

Name: Thistle-Chaser

Alias: Thistle, TC (blech), Sallymac, Calico, She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

Years roleplaying: 14-ish years online, a number of years more if we're counting offline.

Favourite three characters? I tend to like whoever I'm playing at the moment (or who I played the most recently), so that would make it Sly, Deven (NPC), and, um, someone else. However, other characters who stand out in my mind are Sally MacKay (bouncy, outgoing, party girl, related to werewolves), and Joshua Black (Garou/werewolf and insane killer).

Least favourite character? Um. (And why's there a u in my 'favorite'?! ;) ) Long ago I apped some boring female PC because someone asked me to make a character for their character to be friends with. She was boring and the whole situation just didn't work out.

Male or female characters? Male, without question.

Oldest character? I really don't tend to play characters for very long, so I'll say Sally Mac, which must have been about two years.

Newest character? Non NPC? Sly.

Most popular character? Well, Sly I guess. People ask to play with him all the time, even though he's an oversexed little mad dog...

Character you've never played but would like to? I've played most of the things I want to. Since I don't like playing FCs, these are easy goals to accomplish.

Which character of yours would be most likely to...

Jump off a bridge? For fun or because she's a stupid daredevil? Sally.

Get drunk and pass out? Sally was a party girl. She drank all night and day, so likely her.

Kill somebody in a very unorthadox way? Unorthadox? All my characters who would kill someone (and there have been a lot of them) were really straight forward folks. Don't like you? Stab/shoot/rip your throat out. Why be unorthadox when "boring" ways work just fine?

Get married? Long ago, when I first started RPing, it was on Lion King MUCKs. My first character there (Takana? Ta'Ka-something...) she had a mate so I guess she counts. There was also some wolf I played on the first MUSH I made (TerraFrore, gone now I think) and she had had a mate but he died in the PC's background, so I guess she could count, too.

Rape somebody? Snerk. Who might this be, Hyper? Sly would have done it if he hadn't been stopped by Grayson.

Be far too hyper for their own good? Clever-for-Food. Man, she was fun to play. She was a "weredog", but sort of backwards -- a creature born a dog, but able to shapeshift to human (a lupe Gnawer, for Garou folks). She was so happy and bouncy and stupid, so totally different than what I usually played. She was a hoot.

Be raped? Eh. I think Sally almost did at one point. She very much tended to get herself into bad situations... Also, I played Ed (from Lion King) for a good while. I think someone could probably rape him and he'd not even notice.

Get lost and refuse to ask for directions? Snerk. Most all of my characters. Some are too macho to ask (Sly), some too stupid (Clever-for-Food, Ed), and some would just enjoy being lost too much (silly Sally, Ed).

Get lung cancer? Sally worked in a bar, though if I recall correctly, I think Joshua smoked... Both would work.

Star in a horror movie? Joshua Black *was* a horror movie. He staked and killed women, then masturbated on their bodies. He was fun to play, it's only too bad he got killed off so soon.

Star in a whore movie? A porno movie, I assume this means. I think Sally Mac would gleefully star in one. Heck, her whole life was nearly a porn movie...

Star in a video game? Um. Many of mine would fit...

Make the world a better place? Well... That wolf I played (on TerraFrore), she tried to make the world better for wolves, so I guess that might count.

Have a torrid gay love affair? Snerk, snerk. Almost none of my PCs, but a lot of NPCs. Grayson is not as innocent as he claims.

Relate each word to a character of yours.

Love: SallyMac (Her +fin quote was something like 'How can I love you if you won't lay down?'.)

Hate: Joshua Black hated women and killed them muchly.

Money: Sally was all about the bling-bling.

Seduction: Uh. None that I can think of. Maybe Sly, but that'd be mostly off-screen.

Lies: I guess Sly. He has so much about himself that he needs to hide.

Tragedy: None really.

Manipulation: I don't tend to play manipulative characters much... I guess if I had to pick one it would be Sly, since he says whatever he has to to get women into his bed.

Violence: Sly, Joshua Black, a Get called Fraya who I played for a short time.

Politics: Fraya kept sticking her nose into how things were being run, but that was mostly to bitch at folks. Jacob would be a better answer, since he ran the whole bad guy team on the MUSH.

Fire: Sally. She was always "on", always bright, always hot (in many senses of the word).

Ice: Sly, I suppose.

Would you ever...

Play a prostitute? Snerk. If you were a cute guy, Sally would sleep with you for beer.

Play a musician? Sure, if there was need for an NPC one for some reason.

Play a pilot? Only if I had to, otherwise my lack of knowledge about how to fly planes might show.

Play a homosexual? Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt.

Play a pedophile? I'd rather not, but if there was need for one as an NPC, then I would.

Play a politician? I'd rather not.

Create a character for the sole purpose of smut? Again, I'd rather not. If there's no plot to it, then smut does nothing for me.

Lastly, take each of your characters and assign a song to them:

I'm not gonna list my characters, and I don't listen to music enough to be able to come up with good answers anyway.

4) Oh, and tersa, I didn't forget about the chess piece you need. I was pondering playing a whole week's worth of AC this weekend (yes, evil time traveling. I'm a bad, bad person), but I decided I just really don't care that much anymore. Hopefully I'll have time to get it for you tonight.

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