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Babies + Avatar = new cartoon?

Avatar (the blue cat person one) with all the characters as "babies" (little kids/chibis) would make for quite a cartoon series! Alas, it lives only in the title of this post.

Two more movies for the weekend (or, well, one and an almost-movie).

Babies was okay. Semi-interesting, semi-cute. If you have babies, want babies, or like babies I assume you'd like it a whole lot more. I'm not a kids person at all, so it was okay at most.

Today I finally got around to watching all the Avatar bonus materials -- at three hours, the bonus materials alone were a movie in themselves! And quite an enjoyable one. Based on the deleted scenes (nearly an hour of them!), the movie could have been really different: even more heavy-handed on the 'aliens are Native Americans' theme, and the characters' roles adjusted (that head military guy basically put the CEO guy in a corner and took over). I liked the alternate ending a whole lot more -- it made for a better story (though the ending they used made for a better movie).

Avatar Collector's Edition was very much worth the $20, if you enjoyed the movie at all. In addition to the three hours of totally new material, there were three different versions of the movie, an option for a "family friendly" sound track, and a couple different language sound tracks. Three disks total, and really nice quality packaging. I would have liked a director's commentary soundtrack, but I suppose that'll be on the next one they release.

While watching the bonus stuff I was thinking, wouldn't Avatar make for an amazing MMO?
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