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A week from now and it won't matter... (WoW)

So Cata releases "tomorrow" (tonight at midnight). I really can't stay up to play at midnight, I have to work the next day. I get up really early, I need to be fast asleep at midnight. (Hear that, brain? Let's not repeat last night, okay?)

Usually I log on before work, but A) there will likely be the usual Tuesday downtime, and B) there will be a queue to log on. My pre-work playtime is very limited, so a queue will eat it.

Usually I log on at lunchtime, but A) there will likely be a longer than usual Tuesday downtime, and B) there will be a queue to log on. My lunchtime playtime is very limited, so a queue will eat it.

That means I'll have to wait until after work to play, when everyone else would have had nearly a whole day (depending on downtime) to play.

I tell myself it doesn't matter. I'm not going for a server First in anything. I have no need to rush to 85 or do anything else that Cata is bringing, yet still, it's the old issue that bothers me. "It's not fair."

I'll always remember that I was one of the first players to set foot in Al Zahbi when ToAU dropped in FFXI. I was on the second boat, the first boat had just a couple people on it, I was the first person off the boat. But with Cata it doesn't matter, it's not the same. In a week, a month, some short time in the future I'll likely be back to standing in Dal staring at the AH all day. So it does not matter if I have to wait hours and hours after everyone else... except it feels like it does.

It bothers me that this bothers me. I should be happy I have a job, not annoyed that it's keeping me from a game that I barely care about to begin with.

Ah well. On the positive side, I RPed yesterday! For the first time in a while! And not only that, with a new person! Lots and lots of fun, though it makes me sad that long scenes (4-5 hours in this case) wear me out and are almost too much. It wasn't so long ago that I used to RP from the moment I crawled out of bed to the seconds before I went to sleep for the night! I'm not sure if it's a change in me or just that I've become used to shorter, quicker scenes.

Ramble, ramble.
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