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WoW and Glee and zzzz

This is going to be quicker than I'd like, because I'm exhausted.

Glee: I don't like Christmas specials and I hate Christmas music, so I knew going in the ep would likely be my least favorite. Liked:
- Kurt's song (what a voice!)
- Becky was amazingly cute (though I'm disliking the situations Sue puts her in -- she's a child that needs to learn right from wrong, not a dog or a doll of Sue's)
- That Britt believes in Santa is so cute (she's really one of my favorite characters)
- But best of all was Beiste's story of her childhood Christmas wish. If any character is ever, ever horrible to Beiste again, I shall hunt them down. Hunt down a fictional character, yes. That's how serious I am.

WoW: *insert screenshot here* The fact that my first experience in Cata's new areas was face-down, floating lifeless in the water made me laugh out loud. Welcome to how the last two FFXI missions started -- with you dead!

Did some questing on big Keen to get him the seahorse mount. Never, ever will I quest on him again. I HATE HATE HATE rogue in PvE. Leather armor, no self healing*, no pet... Fighting one single 80 mob brought me below half-life every time. Two or more killed me every time unless Vanish was cooled. It wasn't until I was almost done did I bitch about that and Morny pointed out that rogues were given a minor heal in the last patch. That was something, though far from enough. Plate-wearers, druids, mages, I didn't see a single class that had a hard time with one mob, and most of them were killing many at a time.

After that I did archaeology for, um, hours. Too many hours, but I have a hard time stopping.

Another cross-over between FFXI and WoW: In Hot&Cold on FFXI, the... whatever they were called, the spots with the chest, they were in fixed spots, it wasn't truly random. I quickly noticed that in Archaeology, too. There are a set number of goal spots, you can memorize where they are and that helps.

Hit 110 in archaeology. Leveling slows so much after 100. zzzz I mean, you go from a skillup nearly every dig to five skillups every... lord, my tired brain needs to do math... well, lot less skillups.

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