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How to deal with bugged archaeology spots (WoW)

Rolled my worgen this morning. Successfully got the name Thistle! Got to level 11.

I don't know why, even in the easiest questing, it exhausts me. I get so tensed (needlessly tense! I had heirlooms from level 1, played hunter, and was leveling faster than the game intended since I was mining/herbing at the same time). I was never once at a risk of dying, yet it's nothing but stressy to me. I don't understand my reaction at all.

I think I'm still phased, so will need to go level him more so I can get him free for RP.

On archaeology: Last night I thought I had a problem. One of my four possible places to dig was bugged. The pointer was pointing me to a place in the zone (same zone name), but it wouldn't let me dig there ("you can't use that here", usual message when you dig in the wrong zone). I figured I'd be stuck with only three places to go until Tuesday at best. (Logging in and out didn't fix things.)

This morning I logged in and found I still had the zone as one of my four, so I went out to give it another chance, and it worked -- my spots were different this time.

So: While your four icons don't move when you log out, the spots within them do. That's important to know!
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