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Worgen and Archaeology

As much as I didn't want to quest, I went back to finish up Thistle and get him out of the starter/phased zone. Lots of questing! zzzz He ended up out and level 15.

Slight problem with RPing him: He wants to "pass" as human, so I'll be RPing him in his human form a lot. It's darned ugly. :/ I couldn't get a worgen form I liked with a human form I liked as well.

Oh well! I've not RPed in a week, so this likely won't be much of an issue. I really need to get back to RPing on a regular basis.

Archaeology: I learned something new: Rare finds suck for skilling. You get 5 skill points for each thing you complete. Most things take about 30 fragments. My pet took 85 and the second (useless) rare took 100 pieces, and I still got the same 5 skill points.

The pet (kind of hard to see) came with an achievement and a spiffy title! Yay!

The second rare thing I got was a big waste, especially for 100 pieces (that would have been 3 other things + 10 extra frags, 15 skill points instead of 5!). It's called "Druid and Priest Stature Set". Once every five minutes you can use it to... make a green glow around you. Effect lasts for maybe 10 seconds.

Skill level: 205. 85% into level 71 (mostly from archaeology). Very very rough estimate guess on time spent today: Seven hours.
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