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More rares from archaeology

Stop with the useless rares, okay archaeology? You're costing me a lot of skill points (30+ so far!) for items I have no use for.

Mentioned last night, here's the screenshot of the Druid and Priest Statue Set. Inside that green glow are leaves (like some healing spell), they just didn't show up in the shot.

Tonight I made a second rare, Chalice of the Mountain Kings. The description is "witness a historic sword dance". While the green glow one lasts just a couple seconds, this one lasts maybe 30 or more. Four figures appear and dance for you!

280 as of tonight. zzzz Unfortunately, I'm going to need to take a "break" soon. Haken, other-Keen, Thack, and Crow are all rolling in rested, so going to need to burn that off. I think they'll all go archaeologing, and feed those special items (the ones that fill in the missing parts) to big Keen. I hate to slow big Keen's skilling, but... I want archaeology on them all eventually anyway, and it'd be a shame to let rested XP go to waste.

Edit: Confirmed that the hand pet, Crawling Claw, comes from Tol'vir Archaeology -- so no chance at it for a long time.

The bone raptor mount comes from Fossil, so there's a chance of getting it from dig one. It takes 100 fragments, like the other rares.

I've heard tell of a second mount, but I haven't even gotten confirmation of a name yet. Comes from one of the big name archaeologists though, so it's probably real.
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