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Second verse, same as the first... (WoW)

Tired of archaeology posts yet? I am. zzz

Grumble mumble. Due to an alchemy recipe (the one that turns you into a dragon that others can ride) coming from archaeology, and since big Keen hit 310, I decided mini-Keen (alchemist) had to become my priority in archaeology. See, big Keen was doing it first so that he could get the raptor mount. At 300 one goes to Outlands. Raptor mount comes from Fossil line... which is only in vanilla. Yeah there's another mount once you're maxed out, but really, I'm sick of this 100 mount achievement. I'll get the last two sometime before I quit the game. Maybe.

So! Had to restart on mini-Keen. This actually isn't the worst thing ever, though it's boring and annoying to start over. I know how to do it right now. He's 97 and hasn't completed a single object yet, he'll have nearly 20 to do once he gets those last couple points. Plus mini-Keen is a hunter, that rocks because he has movement and his pet takes care of any random aggro.

Kills me to have to start over again, but it would be worse if I waited until big Keen got to max before starting mini. Plus I hate fighting on rogue, and when he moves to Northrend things will actually start putting up a fight, so... better all around that mini-Keen digs.

Let's just hope the recipe coming from alchemy isn't a false rumor. :P
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