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Massive Project Time!

For a year or so, I've been collecting Oekaki art. (For those who don't know, Oekaki is an online drawing thingie. There are lots of Oekaki sites that let people draw and post their art.) At the moment I have 200 or so pictures posted here, but I've always been rather unhappy that they're in nearly random order (broken down mostly by adult/non-adult only). Because it's a pain in the butt to resize, upload, and make new HTML pages for them, I have 200+ more pictures offline, needing to be put into place.

Being the big (giant!) job that it is, I've been avoiding it. Being that I want to actually get all of them, old and new, organized, I've been dreading starting the job. I think my computer would scream, jump off my desk, and throw itself out the window if I tried to open 400 or so pictures at once, so how to order them? It came down to by theme!

And so, which theme would I start with? (Shut up, Shadow and Hyper and Nemo and Punch! And, eh, pull your pants back up, Chia!) That's right! Harry Potter! Sp here's the first page of the new section. Note: The links at the bottom to move to other pages will not work right now. Once I have all the pages made (45 or so years from now) I'll deal with those links.

So for now, enjoy the Harry Potter Oekakis! (Oh, the front page on the original section explains how none of this is my art. See? The art doesn't suck, so it's not done by me!)

Edited to add: Disney/major studio page up.

Second edit: Last one of the night. Anime and Anime-Looking pictures.

Upcoming themes: Video games, furry-type things (though I'm not one, I seem to have a number of furry-ish pictures), realistic art (mmm), adult, and probably a large "general" type thing. Sleep now. Zzz.
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