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So tired of archaeology, and unhappy with it post-525 (WoW)

New title: Associate Professor... new body with it! Interesting that that costume removes your name as well. Item is bones of transformation, one of the purple items I've made. Costume lasts for all of 20 seconds. ...woo... Another purple I made turns you into a wisp. For 15 seconds. *yawn*

Like most folks doing archaeology, I'm going after the alchemy recipe that turns you into a dragon. This is why I had to switch characters when I already had 310 archaeology on another alt. I spent more than nine hours doing archaeology today. How many times did I get sent to the area you need to dig in to get the recipe? Twice.

*puts gun to head, shoots*

The recipe comes from completing items from one single zone. It is random where you get sent. Hour after hour after hour of not being sent there. Nine hours and I completed one item from that area.

Darned achievement system is bugged, too. I should have gotten Diggerest today, as you can see, I have over 100, but my count never moved from 61 all day. (Though... that text count does include rares, so actually it might not be 100 yet, but the fact that remains that I made many today and it never moved from 61.)

Keen is almost 75, too. All from just, what, a week and a bit of archaeology. Feels too easy. (Yeah, I know they want it to be easy.)

Tomorrow I intend to get away from the game and do RL stuff. That's the plan, anyway. Going to be hard since I have to pee every OH MY GOD 30 SECONDS. (Er. If that statement makes no sense to you, ignore it! Been locking boring medical stuff -- which seems better, by the way!)
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