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Cooking: Success! And shh! I think Blizz is reading my LJ

Woo, for the first time in a while, I cooked something that was worthy of eating! This pork chop recipe. Basically:

1/2 cup soy sauce
2 tablespoons jarred minced garlic
1 teaspoon ground black pepper

Toss into a ziploc bag with the chop(s) and leave in the fridge for # hours.

Recipe said 12 hours, comments said anything from 15 minutes to two days. Also, other things to put in varied widely. I ended up adding a bit of teriyaki sauce as well (based on comments). They ended up sitting in the fridge under five hours-ish.

After marinating, toss them under the broiler to cook.

The one thing the recipe didn't say was what to do with the chops between marinating and cooking. Alton Brown has told me that burnt garlic is not good eats, so putting a chop covered with minced garlic under the broiler would be bad, no? So I rinsed it off.

For the most part, it was really good. There was way way too much black pepper though (which makes sense, recipe was for a pound of meat and I made one chop).

Wonder if I should have left the garlic on? I have a chop left, so I think I might make it this way again tomorrow.


In WoW news, I think Blizzard is reading my LJ. Archaeology got "fixed" a little overnight! Now Uldum comes up as much as any other spot. I actually completed one of the items that gives you a chance at the recipe! (Didn't get it though.)

"But Thistle, you were going to go dig elsewhere today!" Yeah. I started out in EK, but it kept sending me to Twilight Highlands over and over and over again. x.x I actually even died there once! Eventually I wondered why it kept sending me to the highest place and it hit me! So I came back to this side to try it, and it's better. WOO!

I wouldn't argue with them increasing spots in Uldum even more, but I'm fine with as-is. It feels fair now. I can fully live with that.

Thanks Blizz! ;)

Edit: I so beat veloxe. Deathwing just killed me. Again. Death number FIVE in less than a week! Just this one character! Arg! STALKER DRAGON!
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