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Oh, it's Tuesday... (Pokemon, WoW, RL)

I was really, really sick during the night (stomach issues, blech), so I knew I wasn't going to be exercising this morning. Sorry, not going to do it when I got just a couple hours of broken sleep and still feeling sick. This made me a little excited as I could hop onto WoW and get my dailies and stuff done before work.

Sat down, tried to log on, failed. Peered at the authenticator, tilted it this way and that. (The housing is slightly off, it's hard to tell if the first number is a 9, 8, or 5.) I was sure I had the number right, and I haven't changed my password, so why wasn't it workin-- wait, what's that text on the side? Oh darned, it's Tuesday.

More than a year of playing, and Tuesday downtimes still take me by surprise!

In Pokemon news, Fire Red is MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better! Oh my god, I have such a nice, sane team!

Charmeleon: My starter. I like Charizard, so I'll probably keep him for the long run. (Can you believe I have to google these names to make sure I'm spelling them right? Ha!)
Rattata: I usually keep one on my team the whole time, but he keeps falling behind in level, so I might replace him.
Spearow: Yay! Will become my pokemon to fly on.
Pikachu: Back in the old days, I never really liked pikachu much. Currently I'm overjoyed by him! I guess lack of exposure to cartoon Ash means I no longer associate pikachu with him.
Abra: WOO! Okay, I had to cheat a little to get him (with the emulator, you can save at any point, so I saved after encountering him and just kept chucking pokeballs and resetting when it failed), but I would have stuck around and kept trying over and over anyway, so mostly I just saved myself time and stress, so I'm okay with that. I got him on the third ball thrown too! Just a little depressing that he won't ever make the final evolution since I can't trade.

The last slot will be for Magikarp, and maybe I'll replace Rattata with a Gastly when I find one.

Really though, Red is SO MUCH FUN. Every time I encounter a pokemon I'm like "Hey! A paras! I remember you!" and "Ekans! Snake spelled backwards! How did I ever forget you!".

It's funny the memories these bring back, too. I saw a shellder and immediately thought of the McDonald's toy. I had so many of them! And I still owe them to hamburger. If I ever find the box of them, I'll play with them send them along.
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