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Product rec & funny

I have no idea who this is, I found it on one of the random LJ image sites. Whoever you are, I love you!


Okay, and on to the rec part of this post!

Pill Pockets are the best things ever. My cat has to get two pills a day (for her entire life). In the beginning it was easy enough, I even have her trained to come up on my desk and sit so I can give it to her. It's been a year though, and she's starting to refuse. Who can blame her? She's a tiny little cat with a little mouth, and I keep sticking my big ol' finger down her throat.

I had been avoiding the Pill Pockets because I figured she'd eat the treat part and spit the pill out, but nope! She bites it once or twice and swallows it whole! Though we just started using them today, so it's possible she might discover the trick of them in the future. I don't think that's too likely. She LOVES these. I mean goes wild for them! (I got the salmon flavored ones instead of the pictured chicken.) I can't see her not gobbling them down.

So if you need to pill your pet, these are totally worth getting. They come in dog sized, too! They're a bit expensive ($7 for 45 of them), but if they make things easier on my cat, I can cope.
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