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Never going to the Sunday farmers' market ever again! (RL)

In this area, our farmers' markets moves from town to town by day (weekend days and a couple weekdays). For more than a year now, I've been going to the Sunday one in the town next door. No idea why I never tried the Saturday one in my own town, but I sure as heck should have!

Such a very, very different animal. First, the parking was amazing. On Sunday you generally have to circle around a small lot to get a spot, but on the Saturday one there's a whole parking garage and a lot across the street. (I did notice when I was pulling out that the parking garage spots were marked as needing a permit. I'm not sure if they'd check during market hours...) And, personally, the Saturday market is about a five minute drive for me, where the one in MV is a good fifteen.

Saturday's is not only twice as big, it has so much more! Sunday's has one single bread stand, and thus it always has a long line. Saturday's has four or five bakery, and the poor Sunday vendor had no business at all.

Related to that, I got a real pretzel from a German bakery booth. I'm not really a pretzel person, so I'm not sure why I got it, but I'm glad I did! It was SO GOOD. Nothing like store-bought pretzels at all!

Saturday's had a ton of cooked-on-site food for sale. I need to go later so I can try some of it! Some of it was too expensive (fruit crapes for $9? no thanks!), but so much of it smelled so good! Too bad it was 8:45 and way too early for me to want most things. I ended up just getting a corn on the cob (so sweet and good! Perfect little kernel!).

Saturday's also had a booth selling art and another selling jewelry, but I didn't look too closely at either. Sunday's had a lot more "raw food" booths (fruit, veggies, uncooked stuff), but so much of it is redundant (three or four booths selling nothing but apples).

So all in all, Saturday is a big win. I'm already looking forward to next week!
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