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Suck, sucky, sucking (Movie, cooking, link!)

Vampires Suck was the worst movie I've seen in a long time. I had thought it would be a spoof of vampires in general, perhaps heavy on the Twilight jokes, but it was all four Twilight movies shrunk down into two hours. Notice the lack of the use of the word 'funny' in that last sentence.

I strongly suspect that people who liked the Twilight movies would like Vampires Suck. It was more a (somewhat silly) retelling of the movies than mocking it in any real way. What jokes there were (Jacob was a were-chihuahua) were amazingly stupid and predicable. I think I snickered twice during the whole two hours. Mostly I was bored and annoyed.

Sucky: Alas, another failed cooking attempt! I followed this "recipe". A comment on All Recipes said you could use crescent roll dough instead, and since I had some of that I wanted to be rid of, I substituted it in.

Lesson learned: Garlic salt cannot be substituted for garlic powder. *cough* I had been certain I had powder, but when I discovered I didn't I thought some garlic salt would work. Nope.

Note it doesn't say how much dried oregano. I used too much. Generally I under-spice things, so I used a little more than usual, but it was way too much.

At least, unlike other failed recipes, I didn't waste too much money on this one. $3 for the bag of cheese and $3 for the bag of pepperoni, that's it.

Sucking: itsbacon found quite an amusing link! (Yes, you get credit for this, dear. I don't want it!) 10 things you didn't know about orgasm is really interesting. The speaker is skilled and amusing. And it includes images of fisting a pig. Again, credit for finding this goes to itsbacon. :D ...You know, there's some irony that a video containing pig fisting was found by someone with bacon in his name. ;)
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