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I don't like honey-- wait, yes I do!

In the continuing Yogurt Saga, I found the recommended Fage brand, so I bought a couple. First one I'm trying is honey. For who knows what reason, I always think I don't like honey, then I taste it and go MMMMMMM.

Fage is the best Greek yogurt I've tried so far, but I can easily put my finger onto why: The calorie count is the same as that previous brand I had been eating, but you have less than half as much yogurt, so the extra calories go into the heaping helping of sweet stuff (honey, in this case) that you mix in.

It's really, really sweet, which of course is nice, but it feels even more like a dessert than the old Yoplait ones had. It's seriously sweet, candy-sweet. *checks label* Oh. Know why? 29 grams of sugar. Dessert-ish Yoplait had 14 grams. Wow. I'm going to finish this one, since it's all I have for breakfast, but if the other flavors have that much sugar I'm going to have to toss them out.

Holy cow. A Snickers bar has 30 grams of sugar. This yogurt has 29 grams. D: D: D: Why do I not read the labels better before buying these things?! (I did check the calories, but clearly I need to check more than that.)

So, whoever had recommended this brand in the previous yogurt posts: You liked it because you're basically eating a candy bar. D: (Sorry!)

On second thought, I think I'm not going to eat this. I only had a couple spoonfuls. I have a few almonds and an apple I can have instead. If I'm going to eat the sugar and nearly the calories of a candy bar, I'd rather just eat the darned candy.

Food should not be this complex. :/
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