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I really should just stick with "hate everyone"... (RP)

The situations I get myself into when I try to be nice...

Three nights ago, I (as Keen) watched and then entered a RP scene between a paladin and a DK. The pally ICly hated all DKs and thus was ICly giving the DK a really rough time. The DK was clearly a new RPer, so I pinged him OOCly and gave him a snug/encouragement/reminder that it was just IC and hopefully he'd get more friendly RP soon.

And here's where my mistake came in: The next night I took my own DK character to SMC to attempt to give him that more positive RP. I was not intending anything other than allowing him to RP with a character who didn't hate him for existing.

During the scene, he asked me about my RL gender. He asked me if I was a "homo". I told him I did not like that slang, and he said he's one so he could use it. Then, to "prove he didn't mean any harm", he gave me his full name (middle name included!) and told me to google it to see his Facebook page. o.O Lord, kid, what are you doing giving out that kind of info!

He tried to continue to chat me up after the scene (and during it kept calling Haken a "beautiful creature", "too beautiful to exist", and just plain "beautiful" over and over...), and was making me seriously uncomfortable, so I faked an AFK to end the conversation.

Later that night, I used my google foo to check him out. 19 years old, most likely really gay and not just a woman pretending (he had a number of men-seeking-men ads up across various dating sites).

This is where mistake #2 came in: 19 is darned young. I felt bad for him. It's hard being a teen with (apparently) no social skills or understanding of how the social world works. So, last night, when I saw him in a scene with someone else I knew, I stopped to join them.

Bad went to worse. He grabbed my character's hand. Ignoring my request for him to pose the attempt and not the success, he kissed Haken. When Haken didn't react positive to that and I OOCly continued to ask him not to godmod, he got nasty. Seriously so, both ICly and OOCly at the same time. He started to curse at Haken ICly and try to order him around (which, yeah, good try after last night you told Haken he was your superior), and OOCly he was just as bad.

Usually I find good RP in SMC, usually it annoys me when people say there's nothing but bad RP there, but last night I had such typical bad RP there it nearly made me want to never go back.
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