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More oekaki art

Ow, ow, wrist hurts. A hundred or so more pictures resized, renamed, and uploaded. Four new pages:

1) Realistic drawing (page one)
2) Realistic drawing (page two)
3) Animals, assorted furry things
4)Video game characters (mostly FFX)

loneguardian, most of the pictures I collect are from totally different artists. Other than you, of course. I think you've done most of the FFX art I have up. If you want credit, and/or a link somewhere (URL? Mailto? Both?), just let me know.

Pages coming soon: Catgirls, adult, and a whole lot of "general" or "fantasy" or something. Plus, I've not touched any of the old pictures I had up. I'd like to get them organized as well, but... honestly I don't know if I can handle taking them all down and going through this process with another couple hundred pictures...

Oh, and I had intended all along to improve the HTML, too; this I have up now was the rough version, I just never got around to cleaning and improving it. Also, I'd like to put alt tags on some of the pictures, which will help when Google's spider comes crawling through.
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