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Plain Greek yogurt? Gahefqlfhlqfhlqcoughack

I've only had sour cream maybe twice in my life, but eating plain Greek yogurt reminds me of that. GAH. It's so sour! Way past tangy. And it's so ickythick. I bought some granola to put into it (which pushes the calories and sugar up to the same as a non-plain kind), but that hardly helps. I don't think sour cream is meant to be eaten plain by the spoonful!

If I had been smarter, I would have packed a backup breakfast. At least I have two apples today instead of just one! (I forgot I didn't eat Friday's.)

Breakfast should not be this hard. know, checking Google, those packets of instant oatmeal are really a lot better than yogurt. About 130 calories, 9g sugar. This plain yogurt has 100/7g, but with the granola would be a lot higher and I can still hardly eat it. I know tersa makes her own oatmeal, but I think that's a little beyond me. But the packets? Those I can handle. *ponders*

Ha ha, I'm glad no one can see me. Every time I take a little bite of the yogurt I must be making such a face. It's so incredibly sour! Gah!

Life was so much easier and better when I paid no attention to this stuff...

Edit: Okay, I have to admit the plain stuff is growing on me. It's still really, really sour, but maybe my mouth is adjusting to it? I can even eat little bits of it with no granola. It's not enjoyable, but it is really thick and creamy. It really is like eating straight sour cream.
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