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Who wants to move to California? And Glee!

February 5th. 2:30 in the afternoon.

Party at my place! Bring your shorts! :D :D

And in totally unrelated news, the Oxygen channel is doing a Glee marathon! It's interesting to see the early eps again. (And we can add "Will planting drugs on Finn to make him join Glee club" to the list of reasons why Will is so skeevy.) At first they showed only the best eps (Madonna, Gaga), which made me remember why I loved the show so much. Then they moved on to the current season... All the horrible mean stuff they did to Beiste, all the reasons I'm no longer really comfortable or happy with the show.

Apparently Oxygen is going to have a new reality show. "The Glee Project". Whoever wins it will appear on Glee. I'm assuming it must be a singing contest, but there were no details mentioned.

Oh well. I'm still looking forward to the new Glee ep tomorrow! And it's so lovely having all of my windows open all day. Yay airing out my apartment! :D

Edit: Oh hey, and for Groupon folks, there's a "super Groupon" out today, $10 for $20 at either Barnes & Noble store or online. I bought it. It becomes active tomorrow, expires 4/11 (at which time it becomes worth $10 instead of $20, so not a total loss!).
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