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Glee! So funny! So painful! So obvious! So good!

Oh Puck, singing Fat Bottom Girls to an overweight girl was so not the right thing to do... yet really in character for you. That aside, it was one of my favorite songs in the series thus far, the male voices sounded so good together!

Blaine and Kurt. Arg. It was so obvious that Kurt wasn't the one Blaine was going to sing to. Poor store clerk guy! Gah! But Kurt and Blaine were so cute together in the end. <3 (Edit: You know, as cute as they are together, I really have little interest left in them being a couple. I kind of keep... my interest keeps wandering towards Kurt/Karofsky. Not now as the characters are, but how it will work out in the future.)

I don't like this new arrogant Finn at all. LOVED bitchy Santana though! And her wrestling with Lauren, hee!

PS: Lauren is the best character since Coach Beiste.

Strange that Santana being mean and horrible is fine with me, but when Will and Sue were horrible to Beiste and when Rachel was a bitch to that little singer she sent to the crackhouse it really turned me off. Somehow Santana's bitchness comes off as silly.

I need to get a Glee icon... I'm so glad this show has gotten good again. I was worried there for a while!

Edit: Huh, Max Adler (Karofsky) did an It Gets Better video. He's so darned cute!
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