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Like Yelp for prostitutes

A few days back hamburger posted a link to a site that lets guys leave reviews on female prostitutes. (Do I even need to give a NWS warning on that?) I've been unable to stop reading it. It's so very, very odd. Not sexy by a long shot, pretty much the opposite of sexy. I'm certain there's a heaping helping of dishonesty in the reviews too (otherwise England has nothing but the most beautiful, wonderful, sexy women as prostitutes, most of them not only getting off on what they do, but eager to love each and every one of her customers.)

I have zero issues with prostitution (it's your body, do with it as you will), so that's not why this site strikes me as so odd. I think it's because there's so much of what the site calls "GFE" -- a girlfriend experience. So many of the reviews make it sound like the girl actually likes the guy, wants to kiss him, loves blowing him, and enjoys the sex as much as he does. These guys really seem to believe it. It's the woman's job to make the guy think that (and maybe a few really do like it), but it ... bothers(?) me that the guys fall for it and buy it.

Yeah, yeah, you could say "men are stupid", "men think with their dicks", any of those type things, but this just seems so obvious: The women are doing a job, they're doing it for the money. If they really are ultra hot sexy women, would they love Joe Blow walking in off the street, Joe who sees prostitutes on a regular basis?

Maybe I'm totally wrong. Maybe I'm being too judgmental. This is just so strange. I guess I'm uncomfortable for the men? It's strange that I can't even put my finger on why this bothers me ('bothers' isn't even the right word). It's interesting though, a look at a life I know little about. I wish I could get a 100% honest version of the site.
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