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Books and fruit: Two of the major food groups?

It's so depressing when you finish a really good book and the next one in the series isn't out yet. I've been reading the Gone series (Gone, Hunger, Lies so far), and I just finished Lies this afternoon. It was one of those books so good that I carried my iPad around everywhere with me so I could sneak a bit of reading in every chance I could get. Luckily the next book is coming out in April, but after that it will be a whole year wait for the next... I know I'll like other books this much, but right now there's that old "No book will ever be this good again! D: " feeling.

And on to fruit! I went to the farmer's market this morning, and this time really, really looked at the fruit before I bought it. I was going to get to the bottom of this fruit going moldy issue! And I think I did. I stopped by the orange stand (a booth that sells only citrus, not a little of everything including oranges -- the same booth I went to last week) and I looked them over. Oddly there was white in the indents of the oranges. Not all over them, but in patches. Mold that had been washed off? Last week I overheard the workers talking, and they do wash/wipe down each orange before putting it out to be sold... I looked at the apples, and saw similar stuff. Grapes? Even more clear (cobweb-like stuff between some of the clumps). Maybe the white stuff was something else, like leftover hard water stuff, but maybe not.

I'm going to get some fruit wash next time I see it, and wash everything as soon as I get it home.
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