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Grr different ebook formats, Groupon, and me

Sometimes it feels like I'm buying books nonstop. With an ebook reader, it's so easy! And you don't have to deal with packages arriving, empty boxes, storing the books, all that.

So, when Groupon offered a $20 of books for $10 at Barnes & Noble (online or in store), I figured what the hey. I usually buy from Amazon, but it couldn't be that different, right?

Wrong. I had to download the Nook app, and could only view the books through there. Slightly annoying, but not horrible.

What was horrible was that unsurprisingly the two apps (Kindle and Nook) don't check with each other to see if you already own a book, so by mistake I bought a book that I already had for the Kindle. A $10 book. So my $20 coupon for $10 became $10 of books for $10 on an app I'd rather not use.

Blah. Nook is actually the third ebook app on my iPad. There's the native one (which has a handful of books in it), the Kindle (which has most of them), and now Nook has a few. It'd be nice to have one app that covers all the various formats/sellers.
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