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Dreams, of the wild and crazy variety

Sometime last week I complained that I was having boring dreams. I should have been happy with them. :P

Little sleep last night (>4 hours), but enough time for two odd dreams:

1) A nightmare about (get this) an ant. Not a magical or a monster ant, just a normal, typical, tiny ant. It kept following me, and no matter how far away I took it, it always came back. I could step on it, but it was so small it just went between the treads in my shoes and didn't die.

I'd be awfully embarrassed about that dream, if not for the other one:

2) I had a dream that I was so tired that I got into the wrong bed and ended up in my mother's bed without realizing it. I woke up in the morning, and her and her "lover" (the term used in my dream) were going at it. GAH. And as an added twist, he was Lockhart from Harry Potter. Sheesh! I'd hope my mother would have better taste than that! (And better sense, wait till I'm out of the bed next time!)

I'm still twitching over that...
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