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Glee: Best Ep Ever

Best ep ever or best ep ever? How's this show sometimes so good and sometimes so... not?

LOVE Brittany!
Love Love Love Brittany/Santana. OMG! This ep!
Loved The Talk finally happening!
Loved almost every song. DIED at Afternoon Delight.
Loved Kiss/tango!

I wonder how many parents wrote in to complain about this ep? All I can say is: Glee should have sex as its theme every single week! The opening song? SO HOT.

Brittany is the hottest thing ever. And the funniest too! She makes stupid so cute.

Ellie New Kitty is aware of the TV a whole lot more than my previous kitty, and Ellie says a big NO THANK YOU to Prince's singing. She stared at the screen, ears twitching furiously back and forth, then took off running.

So glad I recorded this, I want to rewatch it this weekend. :D
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