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Ellie update

I bought Ellie a new scratching post/bed which she seems to like a lot.

I have to be careful what I wish for! I had been sad that she doesn't approach me for pats and scratches, and now I can't type more than a couple words at a time because she keeps rubbing against my legs wanting love. :D

This isn't to say she's perfect now, far from it. If I move too fast, she'll still run from me. Sometimes she'll flee in the middle of being patted for some reason I can't identify.

She got a break from picking-up training. She seemed to be backsliding a little, drawing from my hands instead of pressing into them, so I gave her yesterday off and didn't pick her up at all. Today it's random instead of every time: Most of the time I'll just pat her, but now and then I'll pick her up in the middle of it (then put her right back down and continue patting).

Understandably, she's still really scared of my face being too close to her (EVIL CAT-EATING MONSTER EEEK). By mistake I gave her a kiss on the top of the head this morning, and she jerked violently away, eyes wide.

Little steps for little kitties!
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