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Last night's Glee

I didn't get to watch the ep until today. I totally lost track of what day it was, so in the middle of my RP scene I blinked when I saw it on. "What's Glee doing playing on a Monday night?"

All in all, I can't say it was a tragedy that I waited an extra day to see it. While the ep had its moments (TROUT MOUTH! *dies*), and some amazing moments (BOYKISS), for the most part I was pretty meh about it.

My opinion on the ep went downhill fast in the last five minutes or so. Mocking Sarah Palin is about as challenging as kicking a mentally handicapped, blind, deaf kid with no arms and legs. You all know I would in no way defend Palin, but that doesn't mean I found Glee's take on her funny. Just the opposite in fact, I rolled my eyes through the whole thing.

I keep wavering back and forth on Sue, too. I didn't like her at all in this ep. The letter was okay, but why in the world is she still a teacher in the school? Why don't parents complain about her? Hell, why wasn't she arrested for assaulting the woman announcing the results? Hell again, why in the world is she holding such a grudge against children?

The original songs did little for me, other than trout mouth (*snickers more*), and Kurt's... what was it called, blackbird?

Still loving Santana.

Four weeks of reruns now, I believe. zzz
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