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Very cool art!

Carved crayons may not sound impressive at all, but look at the details on those! I spent a good half-hour leaned in close to the screen, admiring all the work that must have gone into them. They sell for hundreds of dollars, too!

Like them enough to want some of your own? She's doing a raffle to help out Japan! She's made $4500.00 towards donations so far.

I'm tempted to buy a ticket or two, but if I won I'd be so paranoid. Crayons break easily! How do you handle a crayon-strength object worth hundreds of dollars?

I'll admit at first glance, before I knew they were crayons, I thought they were custom sex toys. *cough* Look at this image and tell me I'm crazy!

Didn't help that the site name is "The Pleasure of Tiny things"!

Edit: Holy cow, she's carved pencil lead, too!
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