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Dribbles and Drabbles

When I have time, I need to put a little page up on Catlove so I can collect these 100-word thingies I write. This week's challenge ("what a character did or is doing to get expelled") didn't grab me, so I wasn't intending to enter, but then someone wrote about killing Filch's cat. That got me, and I wrote a little reply story.


Those golden eyes had watched him for too long. He couldn't stand it anymore. Hadn't Harry agreed, that sometimes, she was such a bother?

Stealing the Invisibility Cloak had been easy enough. Sneaking around to find her was simple. A little purloined tuna from the kitchen, and she was there.


With those golden lights aflame.

He had to put them out. Forever.


Ginny was sobbing into Fred's shoulder, while the twins looked at their brother with horrified expressions. Their parents were speaking with Dumbledore and Filch, and they could still hear Filch's sobbing curses.

Meanwhile, Ron just smiled pleasantly.


Filch waited in the shadows, hands in fists. Dumbledore took Ron's parents and siblings away. Off to get coffee, perhaps.

No one looked his way. No one ever looked his way unless there was some brat-made mess they wanted him to clean up.

Filch turned his head to watch them go.

Mrs. Norris... His only friend. His only love...

That boy would pay!

The man slipped into the room they left Ron in. Magic isn't the only way to hurt someone...

Fired, expelled, what's the difference? And without his friend, it doesn't matter anymore.

Filch's smile was anything but pleasant.

No one messes with Mrs. Norris! :)
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