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It's like I can breathe again! (RP)

It's amazing. Days without RP and then I get a good scene and it's like the proverbial weight off my chest. It's amazing the effect, I can suddenly breathe, I no longer feel so tense and unhappy and stressed and frowny. You wouldn't think that just writing would have that effect...

I lucked into really good RP. Of course I knew no one on Alliance side. I wasn't even really expecting to RP, I was looking for a darned forge to smelt copper (which, come to think of it, I never did find. I know it's in the Dwarf area somewhere...). A human in a good looking RP outfit was walking ahead of me (mmmm, humans) and so I caught up, put myself into walk mode, and emoted at him.

His RSP had a tinyurl image in it, and I swear I've seen it before. Wilhiem. I asked him if he had been active on and he said no, so I have no idea where I saw it before...

Anyway, he was lots of fun to RP with! It was my first time RPing Dandelion, and while I had an idea of what I wanted him to be like (happy airhead druid drifting through life like fluff from his namesake), I don't think I really like how his voice was. In my ears, it sounded like bad stereotypical American Indian. The fun part is that other than that part, he was like all of Haken's good points put into a happy werewolf body.

In semi-related news, months back some furry artist did a "thousand free icons" post. As a bonus, if you donated any amount of money to him, you got a second one for free. I think I donated $2? $3? I don't think $5. (As soon as I made the request I felt guilty about getting it for free.) One of them came out cute, but the other looks a little too much like a furry for me to use.

-- Little Dog, a wolf pet/mount of Haken and Mornerald's.

-- Grace, Keen's pet.

If Grace's eyes were different (or is it the eyebrows?) I'd totally love it, almost enough to make it my new default icon for a while.

Edit: The guy is doing another round of free icons if you want one!
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