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Ellie New Cat: Progress

Every day she makes another little step forward. Last night, for the first time, she decided to sleep with me. "Sleep" meaning anything but.

3:30 AM I woke to happyfeet on my legs.

3:45 AM she decided my feet were not happy and thus needed killing.

4 AM and she decided the blanket was in on it, too. She spent the next hour trying to bite and pounce every part of it.

Progress is worth the loss of an hour and a half of sleep, right? :P

I'm surprised this happened last night, as I had to traumatize her just hours before. I needed to take off her collar to try to fix it (the tag is backwards), which means I had to somehow get it back onto her. Since she likes being scratched around the neck, I had thought this would be easy, but oh no. TWO HANDS TRYING TO CATCH ME. FLAIL! RUN! I had to scruff her to get it back on her, which sent her fleeing away once I released her.

One day, little kitty, one day you will trust me.
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