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Signs you're getting old...

It's not even 10 AM and I've fallen for TWO April Fool's jokes already. Two! I usually get through the day without buying into even one. My mind's slipping...

The wow_ladies one got me because, well, it fit. That comm gets mocked for being too carebear, and so banning all hardmode-related posts fit.

The other was a personal LJ one (someone quitting WoW because they turned 30 and WoW is for kids). I have ZERO excuses for that one.

And yay, the LJ header of the month is nice. Though after last month's horrible one, anything would be better.

PS: I'm not usually one for cutting edge slang, but I really like this carebear one. It's meant to be insulting, but I usually take it to be a positive instead.
Tags: april fools day, wow
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