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Ellie update

Whenever people ask me how Ellie is doing, I tell them that she improves every day. Sometimes it's a big step, sometimes it's a little step, but every day there's some sort of progress.

Today's was really interesting, and though nearly invisible, is a big step. We're finally communicating. There was a loud bang next door. We both looked towards it, then looked at each other. She then ran off to hide, but before that she looked at me and saw me. It wasn't fear in her eyes at that moment, she was checking on me and I was checking on her.

Previously when I had said things like "she looks at me with terror in her eyes", I thought I was sort of engaging in hyperbole. I knew she was afraid, but I didn't realize that that's really what I was seeing until it was gone from her eyes.

It's hard to describe it, but it's like she's finally seeing me. Me, not OH MY GOD A CAT-EATING MONSTER. It's like she's willing to look first and then decide if I'm doing something scary or not.

This is a wonderful step, I'd put it on the same level as her letting me pat her or her approaching me for the first time, perhaps even bigger than those two. I should have been more patient, I think everything's going to turn out okay with her. :)
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