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We "win"?

The local news just ran a story gas prices. They said the national average was $3.74 a gallon, but San Francisco was $4.13 -- the highest in the nation. Wrong, Mr. Newscaster! Down here an hour or so south of San Fran I just paid $4.26/gallon (and all stations around it were the same).

So, my happy hometown apparently has the highest gas prices in the nation! We win?

Edit: Ha! I emailed the news show (because I'm becoming an old person and correcting things on TV is what old people do best) and they wrote back!

Hi [me], the $4.13 that was reported may have been the average price in San Francisco. We checked out the prices for about a dozen bay area cities on and it does appear that [my home town] has some of the highest prices. It looks like there's a Chevron in [my home town] selling it for $4.39.
Thanks for writing.
Sandy [last name]
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