Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Okay, enough downtime (and general nighttime stuff)

I'll admit it, I needed a night off from MUSH work... but now it's been two days it's not been reachable, so I'm ready for it to come back. Honest! :)


I love, what's her name! All I need is the name my wonderful and god-like beta wants in the credits, and I can post the story (and you all can finally stop hearing about it!). This second beta was exactly what I wanted: She totally picked my story apart, suggesting things to tighten the wording, and fixed a tense issue I had (past perfect! Pah! :P ). But most importantly, she fixed a character/theme issue. I had You-Know-Who calling Peter by his first name! Gah! I totally didn't even think about how wrong that was!


Typing with a cat using your wrist as a pillow is a challenge. It can't be too nice for her, either.


Eh, work foo better be continued in a friends-only post.
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