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Eee RP!

I feel like such a traitor, having good, fun RP on Alliance side! (No no, I'm not one of those "Blech Horde! I'm leaving forever! The grass is always greener-- The RP's always better on blue side!") Dandelion the worgen is just so much fun to play. He's Haken without the bad parts. It's so nice! He's like pure, good Haken, with no desire to hurt anyone.

It's funny, but no matter how experienced you are with RP, it's still scary to try to start sometimes, with new groups. This is only the second time I've RPed him, and both times with the same people. (But oh boy, do they love me! I thanked them OOCly once I left the scene and they said such nice things about RPing with me! Eeeeeek, it made me blush and want to tell them 'no no I suck, you're mistaken!'.)

Dandelion is currently 40, by the way. I don't know if it's because of Cata or because I haven't done low level questing since the early days of WotLK, but I'm... not hating XPing him. I'm not sure if I like it, but it's easy and I haven't died yet so... I guess I do? I'd rather XP Thistle the hunter, but if Dandelion could get bird form, that'd rock for RP. Plus worgen bird form is wonderful, it'd make me happy to have it.

"Happy" is the theme of this post! It's amazing how good RP can leave you smiling even hours later. :D (And I totally haven't forgotten the MUX, I'm just sucking at making time for it! I sure do wish I could log on from work...)
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