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WoW is like sports for children...

Know how some sports for children don't actually keep score and at the end of the game it's announced that both teams have won? That's WoW for you. Tomorrow's patch has a change I knew was coming. Archaeology getting seriously nerfed. I can't even muster up any anger about this change. I knew it was coming. Heck, I posted here that I should have waited to finish once they made it easier.

I wish there were some way that titles were marked. "Professor Keen, Became Professor When It Was Actually A Challenge". Kinda long, but at least people would know I did it when it was hard.

Sigh. Like I said, this doesn't make me angry. It makes me tired, frustrated, depressed, and drained. But WoW nerfs everything because in the end both teams need to win and every child is a special snowflake.

In other depressing WoW news, by the end of today I should have 400K gold. Why's that depressing? A thread on a gold making forum explained it well: The topic was 'What will you do (or did you do) when you hit a million gold'. Most answers were exactly the same as mine: One million now becomes your new "zero", your gold may never fall below that as you chase after the second million. It's never ending, it's never enough. When I hit 100K, I wanted to hit 200K. When I hit 200K I wanted to hit 300K... and so on. The gold doesn't even have any value anymore, I look at the total amount on the top of my screen and I honestly and seriously cannot tell if it's a lot or a little anymore.

At one point I was having fun making money, but it's become a chore. It goes back to how different servers are. As a RP server, we have a crapton of crafters (RPers are generally more mature and understand that professions are Good Things), but as a RP server we have fewer raiders. This means the gem market is horrible.

...I had typed out all the math as to why it was so bad here, but it would likely put most people on my flist to sleep, so I deleted it. Let's just say if I didn't get the raw rare gem for basically free, I'd be better off vendoring cut rare gems. And, on many cuts, I'm nearly at the point of vendoring them now.

I really need to get out of the money making end of the game. I have over 2,000 more rare gems to move though, sigh. I need to RP more, stand in front of the AH less.

Edit: In positive news, my worgen druid hit 48 yesterday. For the first time, I did that 'punch Deathwing in the face' questline. I have to say, I enjoyed it quite a bit! I especially liked having the macho orc biker pick the male belf to save. :D I wish they'd release stats on which of the three got saved most!
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