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I love my news radio station

Driving to work this morning, I was listening to our local news radio station.

Newsman: And to enter this week's contest, just follow our Twitter feed. The winner gets two tickets to Charlie Sheen's show. [pause] The losers get four tickets. And now for traffic...

Traffic guy: Donald Trump should announce Charlie Sheen as his VP. [traffic info] And now to weather...

Weather guy: And the next morning you won't remember voting for them.


And speaking of Trump, I cannot believe how insane he is. Now he's questioning Obama's grades. His quote went something like "I hear he really didn't do very well in school at all. There should be an investigation on this. If there's been a coverup, Americans have a right to know...". If I were a Republican (*snickersnort*) I'd dislike the guy even more than I do now. What an embarrassment he is!

Edit: Also, awkward stock photo is indeed awkward. I love akwardstock.
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