Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

80-Something Hours

I finished the damned game. Damn it being over, damn the ending, damned 80 hours.

The credits are rolling on FFX, and I'm trying to see through tears to type.

I am, quite literally, unhappy with the ending of this game. Jecht had to be killed, but it hurt to do it. Then Yuna and Tidus couldn't even be together in the end? WHAT THE HELL? Sure, the world is saved, so it's a "happy" ending, but... a damned bittersweet one.

I should have expected to need to battle Jecht, but I didn't. And Tidus kept saying that he hated him, but I'm positive that really he loved him as well. And Jecht knew that. It was a darned hard battle, the hardest one in the game I think, but I really didn't want to win it.

Then Auron got sent, which I expected, but it didn't make it any easier at all. Not at all.

Everyone's dead. Happy ending.

It was good that Jecht and Tidus slapped hands at the end, but ... oh, there was a little more video after the credits ended (Tidus stretching underwater and then swimming towards the camera). I hoped for a moment for more, but that was it.

Damned game. 80 hours. I'm still crying. It was so good, but but but... I hate it. But I loved it, too. I won't be playing it again right away. I can't.
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