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Last straw...

I resisted posting about this through the 8741947103471341 hours of news coverage.

I resisted posting about this even when the news shows gave it so much more coverage than the Endeavour's last flight into space (and our second to last spaceflight ever), which is a whole lot more important.

But this... this is the last straw.

Why, Google, why? ARRGGG

THIS FUCKING WEDDING. Why do people care? Why do Americans care more than even British people do? God dammnit, "royalty"? Really? Who in the world cares? WHY? Why in the world are people paying so much attention to this?

Gods above, it's like when people are obsessed with stars getting married. WHAT DOES IT MATTER? Unless you personally know these people, why do you care?

And seriously, why would anyone care about royalty (except perhaps those in the country they're from)? Do you somehow feel they're better than everyone else? Because of the skill, because of the outstanding quality of strength and personality and will they had to... be born to the right parents?

Thankfully the wedding is now over. Maybe this endless coverage will end and Americans can turn their attention back to important issues. Like Obama's birthplace and education record.

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