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I love Silk, commericals, and Glee!

For some reason, milk squicks me. I eat beef and cheese, so I'm not sure why milk grosses me out, but it does. Finally I tried this Silk stuff (soy milk) and OMG so good! Tastes great and is good for you! Mmm!

And eeeeee, this commercial! I teared up and sniffled through it.

And Glee! They used the Songbird song finally! EEEEEEEE! I was spoiled to it coming up a couple weeks ago. It wasn't as pretty as the original (You can listen to it here), but such a perfect song for them! Eeee I've never been into femslash before, but I love them so much. :D

...okay, Will, you really need to NOT tell children about what kind of underwear you wear. UGH.

This is such a win ep for music though. Love almost all of it, which is uncommon for me.

You know, it's funny. I write about Glee every week, but I never feel like writing about Game of Thrones. GoT is so good, so perfect, but I watch it once and then that's it. I never even feel like watching the eps a second time. It's odd. It's almost like I have no emotional connection to it yet.
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