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Okay, Deathwing, this is getting silly. And you too, Ellie! (WoW, Cat)

There's something wrong with this cat of mine. I can't give her any kind of cat toys with fur (or feathers or 'plush' toys) because she plucks them bare. Lacking a toy to pluck, she's started plucking my chair. She bites the fabric and pulls back, repeating that until a string/thread/bit of yarn comes loose, then she plucks it out. She shakes her head to get rid of it, but I'm sure she's eating some.

With the toys, it's as if she were plucking some dead animal she killed. There's no way a little kitty could have killed something the size of a chair though! :P

I'm going to have to put some kind of cloth over the exposed part of the chair, but this behavior is going to be troublesome if she starts in on my rugs.


And on WoW: Mr. Deathwing, please please please stop stalking my one alt. I swear, you've killed him dozens of times now. Many days in a row, over and over! I have lots of other alts, maybe you could roast them, too?

...oh wait, you heard me! Keen got eaten AGAIN this morning, and Dandelion got roasted tonight. I had thought he only visited one zone, one time per day!

I finally got a sort of good screenshot. This one amuses me more though: How the hell am I supposed to do my daily now?! Quest giver and mobs, all lost in a sea of flames.
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