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If you give a mouse a cookie... (WoW)

Sometimes things change, no matter how much you don't want them to. More and more I've been playing on the Alliance side, but I don't feel like I have a choice in the matter. Somehow nearly everyone I knew on Horde is suddenly gone. (Or not so suddenly, in some cases.) Most of the few people left who log on never talk. Some found other friends elsewhere, some are just silent, some long since vanished or stopped talking. I've spent too many days on Horde side talking to no one, with only AH competition showing up on my friends list. (Do you know how depressing that is? Having the only active names on your friends list being people who you're tracking for AH reasons?)

By chance, I found a good guild on Alliance. Good RPers, good people, active, always people on to chat to. I like them and they seem to like me. I should be happy there, I would be happy there if I were there by choice, but I miss how Horde used to be.

Okay, I'm off the track already! This was going to be a post about WoW AH/economy. I was getting to the point of, since I spend all my time on Alliance, what's the point of playing the Horde AH anymore? I log on a couple times a day to restock, get undercut to hell and back, but I can't make myself sit around in the Horde silence anymore, just staring at the AH. I'm approaching 500K, but if I'm playing Alliance, all that gold on Horde side is even more wasted.

Yesterday I figured I'd just give up the AH game as soon as all my stock was gone, but today I was reading this goldmaking blog, and my attention was re-caught. My first reaction to that post was OH NO YOU IDIOT, YOU'RE TOTALLY WRONG, SHUT UP!, but in a way he's not wrong. I'm pretty sure things will not work the way he intends them to, one person is too small of an impact, but it's still an interesting idea.

If you don't want to read his whole blog post, his basic idea is: He gives tons of bags away (or sells them cheap on the AH), because when players have bag space they make more gold (even just not dropping junk and instead vendoring it), and when players have more gold they'll buy more -- including from him.

That's a really interesting idea. He tied in the logic of how giving away food stamps helps the economy (people buy food, supporting the local shops, the shops can then hire more, those people now have money to buy things with...). Like I said, I don't think he can make enough of an impact himself, and I sure as hell am not going to sell my bags cheaper, but it sure is interesting to think about these things.

Economists study the WoW economy for reasons just like this! :D

And to brag:

The following sellers have been the most active in posting auctions for Netherweave Bag in the past 96 hours:

Kianlar: 463 auctions. (Me!)
Ozmah: 51 auctions.
Cazadora: 46 auctions. (1)
Jyl: 35 auctions.
Hortense: 30 auctions. (2)

1 and 2 are alts of each other. Also, my numbers slipped a lot since I'm not around to babysit the AH anymore. I make 3-13 gold profit per bag, so that's 1,389-6,019 profit in the last four days based on bags alone.

Ah, all these gold blogs I'm reading are bad influences, they're making me start talking about it, too. HERE READERS, HAVE ALL MY SECRETS :P
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