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Why didn't anyone tell me this?! (WoW)

Portals are back in Dalaran! Not all of them, no, but one to Stormwind/Org? It means all my alts can go home, back to Dalaran! :D And for the non-85s? So many trainers, so close at hand!

Good news on the RP end of things, too. Dandelion got into the guild, woo! And, in addition to them all being good RPers and really nice folks, it's a level 10 guild. +10% XP, hasty hearth, and other good stuff! So nice.

I finally, finally, finally got an alt honored with my own personal guild, so I was able to buy the +100% guild rep tabard for all my alts, Alliance included! So hopefully Dandelion will get high enough to buy the heirlooms and other soon!

I don't know what I was worried about in my last post, I think this guild is going to be a good fit. :) The one and only downside is when my friends log on Hordeside, I have no idea and can't chat and such.

... HEE. Welcome to WRA, the worst server for progression! While I was writing this post, my WoW window got spammed:


Also, related to that! My "free" (1-2 copper) glyphs came with a great lesson: I will never, ever get back into that business. They don't sell. They get undercut nonstop. It's so not worth it! I'm this close to just vendoring the darned things.

Anyway, yay weekend! Yay RP! Woo!
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