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Movie of the week: The Mist


Best. Movie. Ever. EVER!

Based on a short story by Stephen King, I hadn't expected much from it. I loved the original story, though I could remember hardly any details about it (it's been decades since I read it). I had intended to see the movie in the theater, but as so often happens, I never got around to it.

Unfortunately why it was so amazingly great would be a major spoiler, so I'll put it behind a cut. Excuse my language, but holy fucking shit. I LOVED the ending of the movie. In case you never saw it (which means you shouldn't be reading this part!), there's an accident at a military base, covering a town with mist. There are things in the mist. Anyone who goes out screams and dies. Eventually a handful of the characters do have to go out, there's no other choice. They drive until they run out of gas. Monsters are everywhere. Giant ones. The mist is still there. Based on the size of the monsters and how many there are, it seems clear that this is a world-wide event, there's no hope.

They have a gun with four bullets left. There are five people in the car-- one is a young boy, the main character's son. Through minimal communication (nods, glances -- outstanding filming), the adults agree that they would rather die by gunshot than be eaten by these horrible monsters. The movie cuts to a long shot. The inside of the vehicle lights up four times, one for each shot.

The main character is the only one left, there's no bullet left for him. He gets out of the truck, nothing happens. He yells. You can hear monster noises around him. Then something comes closer.

A military truck. A tank. People with flamethrowers. Rescue vehicles. If they had waited just a few more minutes, they would have all been saved. The man shot his own son not knowing that rescue was so close at hand.

Gah. Wow. This is another movie that I don't want to return to Netflix! The whole thing was just so really really good. It was over two hours long, but I did almost nothing else while it was on.

It was a little scary (more like surprising/shocking than something that would give nightmares -- loud, sudden noises). It was moderately gory. For me, the real thing that made it into a horror movie was seeing how humans can act when everything goes wrong, when there's no 911 to call, no electricity, when there are giant deadly monsters on the other side of a glass window from you. The bad (but reasonable at the time) decisions people might make. The way people can change.

Highly recommended. Totally worth two hours of your life. Watch it if you can. :D

Edit: Warning for spoilers in comments. Read with care!
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