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WoW gold

Insert spiffy screenshot here. The screenshot program I've been using since early FFXI days (FRAPS) suddenly isn't working. No idea why, no settings have changed, it just doesn't work anymore. Oh well.

If there had been a screenshot here, you could have seen that I finally hit 500K gold. Slow, slow road from 400K, clawing my way along it. I still haven't sold all my gems yet, I have a couple dozen that won't sell even at single digit prices (five different cuts, all green).

The most annoying gem competition (and the reason our gem prices are so horrible) now has the market all to himself. He undercut me by 50% each time, so if I listed something for 40G, he cut me to under 20, then when I undercut him (by 1 copper), he'd cut the price in half again. Annoys me that he's probably gloating that he "drove me out", but I'm having a hard time caring too much. To fight him I'd have to stay on Horde 24/7, glued to the AH. Not interested in that anymore.

I'm losing my other markets as well, including one that has been mine for more than a year. Hurts, but I can't get the raw materials anymore, since I'm online on Horde side so rarely. Again the choice comes down to being tied to the Horde AH or on Alliance RPing and having fun. Not a hard choice anymore.

My worgen druid hit 70 tonight and got his swift flying form, woot. Graphics-wise I like the lesser form better (on the tauren model as well), but speed > * .

Worgen hunter is still low level (28), but he's going to get his first RP on Friday!

I guess I'm getting used to being Alliance, though it's still really hard to hold my tongue when people insult Horde. I hope I never get used to that, though I suppose eventually I will.
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